How to Choose the Right B2B for Your Online Clothing Store

With thousands of online wholesale dealers to choose from on the web today, it can be confusing to find the right B2B Company for your online clothing store. On the other hand, vetting the right supplier and requesting for quotations can be a real test of time.

The textile industry is massive, and the fail rate is almost 50%. Your online wholesale provider has affected your ability to compete on price, deliver products on time and offer the right product selection to satisfy the customer. To avoid disappointment, you’re strongly advised that you buy product samples from at least suppliers. Assuming that two of them fail, then you’ll still have two options left.

Understand Your Business Industry’s Distribution Channel

Not all wholesalers serve the same market some industries; the product can go from a manufacturer to the retailer. It’s important to understand the textile industry distribution channel so that you can know where you fit in the supply chain and pick the right wholesale provider for your e-store.

Here, you can purchase products directly from the manufacturer who can be a large company or a small firm (mostly a single person). On the other hand, in some industries, one firm may have the sole right to import and distribute a product. Some of these exclusive distributors can sell to the retailer but more often sell their products to smaller local wholesalers. Besides, a regional distributorship box car-sized lots that they distribute to wholesalers.

What’s important to understand is that each industry has its unique distribution channels. When you’re starting, your online clothing store you’ll be purchasing your products mostly from smaller wholesalers, but as your business grows and your volume increases, then you’ll be able to get better pricing as you order a more extensive inventory. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right B2B Company for your Online Store

1. Cost

Price is an essential factor to consider when choosing an effective B2B collaboration. The price is not always determined by the volume since there are other factors to consider like shipping distance and the currency exchange rates based on the location of your clothing store. Be sure to look at many wholesalers.

2. Product Portfolio

To determine if the wholesaler is the right for you, work with a one who has a precise catalog of the exact products that you want to stock in your shop. The B2b Company should have plenty of product details that are easy to search. Besides, ensure that the product listing has those items that you’d like to order at a later date. Check product listing consistency so that you’ll never run out of inventory.

3. Find Reliable Shipping Companies

You could buy products for your list from a wholesaler but end up making loses if delivered late. A reliable shipping partner is very crucial for your online store and can mean the difference between making a profit or closing your shop. A shipping company is a missing link that you need to make your customers satisfied and increasing more sales on your end.

There are many shipping companies right now but make sure that you choose a reliable shipping partner for your store for online clothing who has good reviews and has been in the market for a long time.

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4. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a huge factor to consider when picking a B2B company. There are various channels of communication that a wholesaler should offer so that you can reach out when there’s an issue or query. These include live chat, support number or an email address.

The wholesale provider should keep his lines of communication open 24 hours a day 365 days in a year for easy and fast communication from any part of the world.

Where to Look for a Wholesale Provider


You can always start your preliminary search on Google, but as you get deeper in your search, you’ll find more details where to look for specific products that you could be selling in your e-store.

Enter a keyword like “wholesale” or “distributor,” but you can also search for more specific keywords like, “where to find a wholesale provider for XYZ products.” This way you can get a specific wholesaler for a particular product for your customer.

Major B2b Markets-

You can also check on major B2B markets and start with Alibaba. Other B2b markets include Buyer Zone and Global Sources in the U.S, Buzy Trade in Hong Kong, Artesian in the U.K Brighttalk in the U.K and TradeIndia in India.

These among other top B2B markets offer wholesale rates and plenty of products to choose or your inventory and will help you grow your online clothing store.

Trade Directories-

You can use trade directories like 10times and wholesale lists to find suppliers for product sourcing. Small and medium-sized companies should pick a B2B company that offers personalized attention.

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Network Widely-

Retailers are not willing to share information with their competitors. However, it will take some networking on professional systems, groups and social media networks to find the best wholesalers for your business. You can also subscribe to all of your industry’s trade publications, and you’ll find wholesalers and other B2B companies that are trying to reach out to retailers.

Attend Trade Shows-

Trade shows are an essential and powerful way to network and grow your business. Such events are specifically tailored to reach out to retailers. Here you can meet manufacturers and wholesalers face to face.

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In Conclusion

The most important thing to think about is how the wholesale provider will affect your day to day relationship with your customers and consequently how the company will affect your business.

A good wholesaler will make the purchasing process as simple as possible. Therefore, pick one that will make financial sense. Additionally, your choice should have an excellent reputation in the industry with excellent testimonials and an explicit volume discount pricing scheme so that you can benefit in future discounts as your business scales.

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