5 Key Elements Of An Effective Online Store Builder

Some years back, it was time-consuming and costly to build out a website for selling products online.




E-commerce Website

The only option to build out a website was by custom design, which requires that you hire an expert web designer who would take weeks, if not months to make your e-commerce website operational. However, advances in technology have witnessed the explosion of online store builders that let you build out your own online store in a matter of hours. But, not all the online store builders out there can help you build a robust online store. Some are basic and come with few features that cannot help you sell products online effectively. If you’re looking for an online store builder to build out your e-commerce store, ensure it comes with the following features:

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1. An online store builder must come with reliable payment systems

A payment system is the most critical feature when looking to create an online store. Your number one aim of starting an online store is to make money. So it would defeat the purpose of building an online store to sell online if the site lacks payment systems. Also, ensure to integrate reliable payment systems like PayPal, and credit cards that have global outreach. Your checkout system must be airtight regarding security by incorporating Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

2. Mobile ready shopping cart software is a vital part of a great online store builder

Shopping cart is paramount to any modern day e-commerce store. It simplifies customers’ buying process by making it easy for them to compare prices, compute the total cost of the items they want to purchase, and display the relevant taxes associated with the products purchased. It also saves time by reducing checkout processes. With the proliferation of mobile shopping these days, any e-commerce store that wants to keep up with the competition must have mobile-friendly shopping cart. It’s projected that by 2018, 60% of e-commerce sales will occur via mobile devices. So an online store without a mobile-friendly shopping cart means you’ll miss out on a ton of sales every month.

Mobile Ready Shopping
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3. An online store builder must include a superior customer support feature

A properly developed and organized customer support can take your e-commerce store to the next level in the shortest time. Let’s face it; customers like to get firsthand feedback from humans about the products they intend to buy. If they can’t get feedback to their questions, they will simply abandon your e-commerce store. A business with superior customer support almost always sells itself. Word of mouth will spread, and you’ll experience a lot more conversions consistently.

4. Social media sharing buttons is a must-have feature for any modern e-commerce store for selling products online

According to statistics by e-marketer, 40% of e-commerce sales today are influenced by social media opinion. Not to mention that more than 2 billion people use social media today. Any e-commerce store owner that wants to scale their business fast must harness the power of social media. That’s why any e-commerce store must have social media sharing buttons to share their content on social media to beef up their conversions.

Social Media Sharing
earch And Navigation Features

5. Search and navigation features are critical for selling products online

The new generation of shoppers is pressed for time with daily work routines, so they want to spend the least time possible shopping online. If they come to your e-commerce store and find it hard to locate products and services, they will abandon your site and head to the competition. That’s why search and navigation features are vital to attracting and retaining customers. The search feature enables customers to find products easily using their keywords. Your e-commerce store should also offer a maximum of one-click to find products and services.

There are many other important features of an e-commerce store such as responsive design, CTA, and product categorization and variant. However, the features mentioned above are at the core of your e-commerce store’s success.



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